Jolly Badfellow’s Sound Is “Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, DIRTY Pop Punk”


“From the heart, we’re punk rock. Some, though, would call us a type of dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, DIRTY pop punk band,” explains Fort Lauderdale band Jolly Badfellow‘s bassist Shaun Meyer. “But when we say pop punk, we mean the good stuff, like old-school Green Day — meaning as far back as when they played shows with Operation Ivy — Teenage Bottle Rocket, and such.”

The act is influenced by, Meyer notes, “good ol’ fashion punk rock ‘n roll,” along with “skating, drinking, having a good, and lousy time, with friends, girls, cops, or junkies.

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Miami’s Punk Band Zero To The Left is Definitely Worth More Than Zero


As scary as it can be, change can be a beneficial thing. Take Miami’s punk band Zero To The Left, comprised of Joe Gallo (guitar/backup vocals), Will Gallo (bass guitar/backup vocals), Angel Montes (vocals) and Pablo Reyna (drummer). Originally known as W.A.S., a 90’s punk band, ZTTL comes up with not only a new name but a new sound as well. The origin of their unique name derives from the mathematical proof that any leading zeros to the left of a number have no consequence on the number’s worth. Need an example to clear things up? ZTTL explains “The Celtics are equivalent to a Zero to the Left when playing the Heat in the playoffs.” Although this isn’t the most recent example, we South Floridians couldn’t agree more.

When asked to describe what genre and style this band would fall under, Joe replied, “We are a punk band, similar to old California skate punk sounding bands.” It is safe to say the ZTTL’s sound can be accredited to their 80’s and 90’s skate punk influences, which includes bands like Descendents, ALL, Big Drill Car, Propagandhi, Fugazi, Face to Face, Bad Religion, Minor Threat, the Pavers, Black Flack. Gallo also credits life experiences to their music’s sound as well.

Currently recording their untitled EP in the studio, Gallo is eager to finish it up, write new music and play some gigs. Although this may sound overbearing, Gallo has a positive outlook about it: “This is something that’s a tough with all of our schedules but we’ll find a way to get things done.”

With their release of their EP in the fall along with a “go get em’” M.O., it is clear that ZTTL is going places and are clearly the opposite of the origin of their name.

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