Ten Best Valentine’s Day Parties and Shows in Broward and Palm Beach

There’s no better time to profess or reconfirm your love with an obese teddy bear and a cardboard box of sickly sweet chocolates than on Valentine’s Day. Oddly, February 14 is also known as Singles Awareness Day, when many of the unloved find themselves wearing their exes’ sweaters, sobbing uncontrollably into a $3 bottle of red wine. Not that we’ve done that or anything…

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DJ Crespo Is About “Dance Without Drugs”


DJ Crespo is well-rounded. The Miami-via-Chicago DJ not only studied nursing at Florida State University, he’s also passionate about dance music. He’s shared the booth with everyone from Skrillex to Avicii, Afrojack to Steve Aoki and performed at Life in Color and Orlando’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

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Ciara Rae Brings Original Country Music to the Hard Rock


Ciara Rae is bringing country flair to the Hard Rock in Hollywood tonight. Her performance won’t take place in a hidden restaurant, ladies and gentlemen, but up front, center stage, under the sparkling stars and moonlight. She’ll be singing for everyone, including those ladies stumbling around in heels and the guidos in Affliction shirts trying to get some.

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