Paul Oakenfold on Seeing “the World Through a Box of Records”

Image courtesy of Monica McGivern

Over the past 25 or so years, Paul Oakenfold has garnered quite the bit of fame. And by “quite the bit of fame,” we mean he’s been pretty fucking famous. From creating Perfecto Records to his major breakout album Tranceport to more recent collabs with Benny Benassi, Oakenfold is a big reason teenagers now even know electronic music exists. He, along with a slew of other seasoned dogs, brought trance to the masses, and now, to the kids of the masses.

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DJ Crespo Is About “Dance Without Drugs”


DJ Crespo is well-rounded. The Miami-via-Chicago DJ not only studied nursing at Florida State University, he’s also passionate about dance music. He’s shared the booth with everyone from Skrillex to Avicii, Afrojack to Steve Aoki and performed at Life in Color and Orlando’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

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