7 “Cool Dad” Things to Do This Weekend

Father’s Day is this weekend, and we can’t ignore one obvious fact: Moms are so much easier to shop for. With stores pushing handyman products and fishing gear in your face, it’s frustrating because hey, not all fathers are into repairing stuff or sitting on a boat all day holding a still rod. Some dads are, well, cool.

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Ten Best Bars for Watching Singer/Songwriters in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Whether in a tiny pub no one knows about with enough smoke to smell up your clothes for a week or a hipster spot working its hardest to deviate from the mainstream, budding singer/songwriters have to get their start somewhere.

And who knows? The musically inclined weekly performer at Dada may be a headlining act one day. As part of the music scene here in South Florida, we actively support these aspiring stars in the best way we know how — by guzzling booze and yelling “right on” at the stage.

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Five Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Image Courtesy of Kismet Vintage

Lazer Puzzy

5. Tail Light RebellionGrave Sights, and Lazer Puzzy at Coastars Coffee Bar

7 p.m. Friday, April 4, at Coastars Coffee Bar, 12 S. J. St., Lake Worth. Visit Facebook. Free entrance.
Drink a latte at Coastars while bobbing your head. Tail Light Rebellion’s got some confrontational folk, Grave Sights will keep it alt-chill, and Lazer Puzzy will rock it out with some bratty garage. Justin Crumpton of the latter act promised us it’d be “pretty fresh, pretty new.”

Chances are, you’ll be cheering “right on” between foamy sips.


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Five Things to Do Under $5 This Weekend in Broward and Palm Beach Counties



With hairy men dressed like Harry Potter, the Beach Day pre-release party at Radio-Active Records, the opening of Oakland’s Funky Buddha Lounge and much more, there is definitely something for everybody and their mother.

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