Ciara Rae Brings Original Country Music to the Hard Rock

Ciara Rae is bringing country flair to the Hard Rock in Hollywood tonight. Her performance won’t take place in a hidden restaurant, ladies and gentlemen, but up front, center stage, under the sparkling stars and moonlight. She’ll be singing for everyone, including those ladies stumbling around in heels and the guidos in Affliction shirts trying to get some.

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Ciara Rae Wants CMAS, But Wants to Help Charity More


April 28 is an eventful day for up and coming country singer , Ciara Rae. Not only will her new social media sites be updated and her music available on iTunes, but this local star will be performing at Cowboys. Oh, and did we mention that she’s looking for a local act to open up for her? Let’s also mention she has custom clothes through the clothing line Straight Southern, created in Broward County by Joe Curtis and Tyler Stampler. Despite the fact that it seems she’s done enough, Ciara Rae just wants more. She sat down with us to discuss her big dreams, performing for charity, and her many accomplishments.


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