ROK BRGR Offers Free Mimosas and Bacon-Themed Eats Sundays

Photo cred: Matt Walsh

Photo cred: Matt Walsh

So one of our recent posts discussed unlimited mimosas under $30 for brunch. While mimosas on the cheap are delicious, free mimosas just taste THAT much better. Fort Lauderdale’s famous burger joint ROK BRGR offers free mimosas to ladies on Sundays from 10-3 pm. It’s a win-win situation – ladies get to drink as much mimosas as they want for free while men don’t have to worry about breaking their bank buying drinks. But don’t worry, gents – you will get your fill of manliness, too.

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Six Restaurants With Unlimited Mimosas Under $30 on the Weekends


Let’s face it – at the end of a crazy week, we all need a drink…or two or three (screw it, we’ll take the whole bottle). If you want to keep your A.M. dinking classy, there’s no better solution than the mimosa. So, we put together a list of six restaurants that serve bottomless mimosas that cost less than a regular meal would. But first, a little history on this popular drink.

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New Times Twerktorial for Speakeasy’s Twerk Night


Thanks to Miley Cyrus, and other widespread forms of ratchetness, twerking is the Macarena of the current era. In other words, the art of twerking is infamously practiced, yet rarely duplicated in its correct form. Only the most graceful hood-rat can hit the nail on the head, in this case, probably with their ass.

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Five Ways to Prepare for the Dubliner’s New Drunken Spelling Bee


You think studying Beer Pong-ology with a minor in Rage-onomics at frat parties helped you prepare for real-life, grown-up drinking activities. But when faced with a drunken spelling bee, the distinct possibility of failure looms large.

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Last Night’s Dishcrawl Was a Tour de Gastronomy Through Las Olas


For all of you who don’t know what Dishcrawl is, it’s an event geared especially toward foodies and those who just wanna eat. This guided tour takes participants to four local restaurants, allowing them to taste specialty meals. The kicker, however, is that those partaking in Dishcrawl have no idea what restaurants they are stopping at, let alone what they are being served, until the night of the event. Las Olas was the village of choice for last night’s Dishcrawl.

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SMAK Attack Honey has Avocado, Garlic, Lavender and Other Crazy Flavors


“We understand the bees and we understand the customers we are dealing with,” says Gary Kareff of SMAK attack. “We know what they’re looking for… the unusual. And we try to provide that.”

Gary Kareff is talking about honey from his company SMAK Attack with its 12 to 20 different flavors ranging from lavender to avocado to wildflower and more.

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Grow Downtown Helps Fundraise for Flagler Garden


It was a hippie’s dream this Sunday at Flagler Garden for Grow Downtown. Organic fruits and veggies, vintage threads, and opportunities to plant trees on God’s green earth were available all because of a vision Chad Scott, the founder of Flagler Garden, had.

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