Alan Jackson on Current Country Music: “I Find Myself Listening to More Bluegrass”

County music is in full force this weekend already with Chili Cookoff, but a classic musician is coming to the Junior Cypress Rodeo Arena tomorrow in Clewiston. Not that anything is wrong with Rascal Flats or Cassadee Pope, but it’s there is something about good ol’Southern music that really hits home, and hits home hard. This, ladies and gentlemen, can be credited to Alan Jackson.

Although you wouldn’t think that Eminem, Metallica and Jackson had anything in common, they actually do: Jackson is one of ten best-selling artists since the birth of SoundScan. As if this wasn’t enough, he has over 50 Top-10 hits, sold 60 million albums worldwide and topped the charts of country a whopping 35 times. To add to this impressive rap sheet, Jackson won 18 ACM Awards, 16 CMA Awards, 2 Grammys, ASCAP Founders Award and a place into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame as a Songwriter/Artist inductee in 2011.

Jackson’s newest work of art, The Bluegrass Album, has been out since late September and is still #1 on Billboard’s Bluegrass Albums Sales Chart after debuting there. But if you think it’s another bluegrass wannabe album, think again. “I didn’t want them to think I was just another country act wanting to make a bluegrass album,” said Jackson. “I wanted it to be as true as I knew how to make it–to be something I could be proud of.” He also reflected on the new country sound currently playing on the radio. “As country music’s gotten away from its rootsy sound in the last few years, I find myself listening to more bluegrass,” he adds. “It’s some of the last real music that’s out there. And I know that there’s more contemporary style bluegrass that people are playing–it even has drums on it and so forth–but I like the more traditional style myself.”

I sense another Grammy in your future, cowboy.


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