Benihana Loves the Kids



In Japan, the happiness of children is celebrated every year on May 5th  with a holiday called “Kodomo no hi”, or “Children’s Day”. Although it is not a national holiday in the U.S., Benihana welcomes us Americans to celebrate this Japanese holiday by giving back to the community. And what’s better than watching happy kids stuff their faces for charity?

St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital pairs up with Benihana for the 5th year in a row for this happy holiday and was created by Benihana president and CEO, Richard Stockinger. “When we launched the promotion five years ago to celebrate Children’s Day, we wanted the core of the promotion to be about kids,” explains Jennifer Evans, the director of Marketing for Benihana Inc in Doral. “Our vision was to create an annual promotion that would not only be fun for children, but would also allow them to help kids in need. The partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® was a natural choice and we are pleased each year to donate.”

Children ages 12 and under participate in the Children Helping Children coloring contest with $1 being donated towards St. Judes for every form received either online or in the actual restaurant. Each Benihana, nationwide, will select one winner from the contest based on which form fits best with the “Children Helping Children” theme. What are the winnings, you ask? A dinner for eight friends or family members. Not a bad deal! In addition to the coloring contest, 100% of sales from all Benihana Kids Meals will be donated as well. Children also get a sushi dessert treat! “We recognize that our young guests are an important part of our business and our community,” adds Evans. “We wanted to honor them on a Japanese holiday that specifically celebrates children while supporting an organization dedicated to children.”


If you can’t attend with the kiddies but still want to make a donation, please visit 

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