Meet Askultura, a 10-piece Band That Curses in 3 Different Languages

by: Natalya Jones


When someone introduces themselves as a “certified jibber-jabberer” or “bringer of the mustache”, something interesting is bound to surface from it. Andurio (singer/songwriter/guitar player) and Captain (harmonica) of Askultura certainly have more to bring to the table than most bands. With a ten-piece ska band from Miami known for crazy shows, “fancy” dance routines and three different languages infused in their lyrics (English, Spanish and Italian), Askultura certainly have more than one way to entertain you. In this article, Askultura speaks to me about short girls, their need for a lead-guitarist/violinist/fiddler, and cursing in numerous languages.

Natalya: What genre would you say your music is in/How would you describe your music style?

Andurio: The name of the last cd aptly described the sound within: Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury. We’ve nibbled that down to a less perplexing “rumba ska punk.”
Captain: It’s a multi-cultural noise explosion that is designed to tickle the most discerning earballs.

 Do you have an EP? If so, what’s it called/when is it expected to be released?

A: Why yes, we do have an EP. It was released in 2010 and is called “You Stank, We Skank” and featured 6 tunes, including an early version of the favored track “Heads Up”. More recently (in November 2012) we released the above mentioned “Ten Strong…” which is 16 tracks of marvelous thunder-bringing rumba ska punk. We are currently recording another EP, yet untitled and due for summer 2013. All of it is available on iTunes or from our website

C: I thought it was called Ten Strong Tarantula Jenga Pudding, so I learned something.

Why do you think bringing all three languages (English, Italian, and Spanish) are so important to your band?

A: We have entire songs dedicated to spaghetti so i just made up lyrics with some italian words I learned in the airport from a hot co-ed like “salsiccia” and “grande” and “si.” With regards to the spanish we only know how to curse and our favorite word rhymes with “zinga” and starts with a -p. Our songs in English all start and end with “bro” which is the way to formally address an audience in Miami Dade-County.


Also, what is it like having so many members in your band?

A: It’s like trying to organize a LGBT bowling league if your name is Pat Robertson.

What influences do you have musically?

A: While unable to answer perfectly for the 9 other souls in the crew I will give you these as foundational inspirations: Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Against All Authority, Rancid, Skampida, old ska & rocksteady & oi, rockabilly, tarantella, Miami & Broward punk bands, and alternately & equally as inspirational is what is not there (because we’re trying to fill a gap with our music & energy).

C: The Wholetones, Koffin Kats, Goddamn Gallows, just wanted to scoot those in there.

What influences you to write music?

A: Influences: you write a song because you ask yourself a question or rap on a line about something, whatever it may be, and create internal discussion. Inevitably a guitar will be picked up and the interior discussion is edited (or sometimes not) for mixture with music. but usually: football (soccer), family, matters of spirit, politics and conspiracies, the party, humor, and of course geography, beer, and women.

C: Wow, how lofty. I’m inspired by beer and short girls.

What are your short term goals as a musician?

A: Short term goals: record the next EP, tour in July (we are doing three weeks on the east coast up to NY & Boston), write new music, make some Asku vinyl, design new stickers, meet a true brujo guitar player to join us on stage (taking applications!).

C: Get back on the road, try new and exciting taco stands around the country, and see how the eastern seaboard is doing in the short girls department.

What are your long term goals?

A: Long term goals: record many more times, tour 300 days a year, work with many musicians of many traditions, learn the mandolin, learn the clarinet, make a percussion set out of large metallic objects and hit them very hard with large battle axe-sized mallets.

C: Afford a vehicle that we can cram this motley crew into and travel around without everybody’s knees in some one else’s crotch. Play some harmonica. Find some japanese taiko drummers. Make a music video. Get famous enough that I can justify wearing Elton John style sunglasses and a cape.

When is your next gig?

A: Our next show is on April 13th in Vero Beach with Coldspot 8 and Out Of Sorts. On May 4th we are hosting our Askultura’s Annual Skanko de Mayo at Churchill’s Pub, our official unofficial home. It’s a festival with 14 bands that we’re bringing from all around the state + a ska band from Canada, Ghetto Blaster.

C: The May 4th show is also my birthday. In case you are wondering, I like gifts of beef jerkey.

What is your favorite song of yours and why?

A: The answer changes every time. Right now it’s this new one that hasn’t been recorded yet called “Zendopunx.” It’s short, fast, very punk and brassy.

C: Baby Dub.

Any additional comments?

A: Additional comments: Yes, we are looking for a lead-guitar player that wants to work with us for like the next ten years and can tour. Also violin or fiddle players should apply as well. Get in touch through We promise good times, great shows, opportunity for mass musical-creation, and the good hard road.

C: I am also taking applications for “Spoon Roadie”


Askultura’s  next shows are on April 13th in Vero Beach and May 4th at Churchill’s Pub. In the meantine, Askultura’s music can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook. Feel free to visit for more on this crazy, multicultural band.


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