#Redes: Not your Mami or Papi’s Telemundo (Writing test for Newlink-Group)

Hey sports fans – looking for a show that infuses sports, music, humor, and pop culture? With #Redes, you’ll get just that. Including clips from the internet and social media outlets such as Twitter, this hour long show will surely keep you up to date with sports, entertainment and music. Through various social media outlets, the show’s hosts will be able to communicate with both athletes and fans, which will be shown on set through a 103-in monitor. Viewers can even submit funny sports footage and watch it aired for the segment #EnREDados. Think of it as a more highly evolved version of Tosh.O for Hispanics.

But don’t be fooled by the large use of sports jargon; this show is not just for you men out there. With segments such as Fashion Foul (A pitiless evaluation of fashion touching on sports uniforms, hairstyles, etc – Polamalu, anyone?), What’s it worth? (a comparison between actual price tags for tickets and sports archives vs how much they’re really worth) and Caption This (athletes and viewers are asked to create a caption for the pic of the day), women can be tuned in as well.

Other featured segments include Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve (a look at what athletes would be doing if they weren’t playing sports), Say What? (hosts answer viewers’ questions and comments), My Dad’s Hero (a compare and contrast of previous athletes with today’s biggest sports stars) and Twitter Wars (a glance at ESPN personalities’ controversial tweets). Did we mention an everyday playlist created by the hosts will be shuffled during the whole show? This musical segment is called Daily Beats.

Carolina Guillé, sports journalist, will be hosting the show along with co-hosts Alfredo Lomeli and Barak Fever. Marianela Pereyra, host of ESPNU’s Unite, and Chuey Martínez, Latin TV and Radio personality, will appear on the show regularly as well.

#Redes premieres on Monday, January 21 and will be aired weekdays at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN Deportes.

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