Despite name change, CCF is doing great

CCF, a.k.a. Cooperative Collegiate Fellowship, has proved to be a success for its first year running.

On CCF’s growth as a club and people’s discovery of it, CCF president Duncan Jerrett said, “It’s great and it’s also kind of scary because I don’t think it should be this easy.”

Part of CCF’s success Jerrett credits to the week to week events. These events include free lunch on Tuesdays from 12-1:15, Vespers on Thursdays at 6:15, and Free Pancakes on Fridays from 10:00-11:00, which all take place in Allen Hall. “We also have weekly small group meetings that anyone can join,” said Vice President Jessica Allen.

A yearly event CCF organizes is the mission trip. As Jerrett describes it, “It’s amazing…so humbling in [so] many ways…seeing people come out of their shell is really rewarding.” This year, the mission trip may take place in New York where CCF will work with homeless people.

CCF was originally called BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) and was around for about 50 years. Stetson’s director for BCM, Margie Duncan (also Jerrett Duncan’s grandmother), retired and SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) did not have the money to maintain and afford the club anymore. To avoid copy write issues, the members of the club changed their name to CCF and are now sponsored and funded by CBF (Corporate Baptist Fellowship). Although CBF is smaller than SBC, CBF is described by Jerrett as a “good and strong” organization that supports CCF well.

Despite the name change, Jerrett says that nothing has changed. “[It] feels normal,” said Jerrett. “It feels as if it was BCM.” Jerrett also describes the new director, Ben Collins, as being a “really great guy” who spent time with members last year. The change from last year to this year was a “seamless transition” and “still kinda feels like home” to Jerrett.

When asked if old members wanted the old name back, Jerrett stated that the only issue with the new name is the confusion people may have as a result of the change. Yet, Jerrett is optimistic: “Once you get in and once you hang out with us, the name doesn’t matter.” Later on, Jerrett added, “Just show up…it’s not anything where you have to sign up or pay money or anything…if no one introduces themselves to you, shame on them, but I promise someone will.”

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