Summer classes at Stetson University

Summer classes will begin May 10th and will end June 3rd for this year.

Summer school is divided into three sessions. The first two sessions are each four weeks long while the third is seven weeks that overlie the two shorter ones. Students can take two courses at once, which is equal to eight credit hours. However, the max amount of classes a student can during the duration of the summer is three courses, the counterpart of 12 credit hours.

The cost of each credit hour for undergraduates is $725 while a unit course, which is worth four credits per unit, is $2,468. Regarding audit fees, there is a cost of $230 per credit hour or $78- per unit course. If one is taking private music lessons, additional fees will be applied.

Regarding graduates, each credit hour for students taking courses in the College of Arts and Sciences will cost $640. However, discounts do apply for students who work as full-time teachers, administrators or counselors with non-profit organizations or those who are contracted members of the clergy, reducing the price to $384 per credit hour.

For those in the business school, it gets a bit pricey. Based on the program and campus, each credit hour will range from $725 to $1,110.

Worried about payment? Don’t be. Pell Grants have federal regulations that make it feasible for students to obtain Pell Grants for summer classes. Of course, students who meet the criteria for federal financial aid may also be able to receive financial aid. This includes “scholarships, loans, work-study grants or student employment” (FOUND THIS ON THE WEBSITE:

Megan Davis, a junior, is taking Reading Narrative and Elementary French as summer classes for the first session. Regarding living accommodations, she is moving into her Fall Semester UVA apartment early in order to have it for the 2011-2012 school year. For meals, Davis won’t be getting any sort of meal plan. “I’m not getting a meal plan because I prefer cooking my meals,” she says.  “So I’m going to probably just shop for supplies at Publix and Wal-Mart.”

When asked if she thought summer classes were a good investment, Davis was all for it. “I am much more focused when I have less stress from clubs and Greek life during the summer and the classes are smaller so you get a much better feel for them,” she says.  “I’ve always gotten A’s in my summer classes in the past as opposed to B’s and C’s during the regular school year. Most of the time it’s because there’s less action on campus and I’m more inclined to hang out with my suitemates/roommates and just chill in the apartments.”

If you are interested, go to Here, financial as well as time information is available.

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