New cardio dance class offered at Hollis Center

A new dance class is offered at the Hollis Center on Tuesdays from 4-5 pm.

The dance class, titled “Cardio Dance”, is taught by Ashley Strauss, a junior with a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology, and differs every week. However, participants will “always do turns and leaps because everyone likes them and they’re fun,” says Strauss.

One of Srauss’s aspirations for the class is to increase an interest in dancing. She calls dance “another fun way to exercise” and adds “People who never danced can try it and it’s free…There’s so many things we can do here.”

With as much experience as Strauss has had, the possibilities for “many things” to happen is endless. She started off dancing with ballet and tap at the age of three and at the age of six, danced ballet, jazz, contemporary, and lyrical. She continued dancing in high school and was dancing 4-8 hours a week. Along with 18 years of dance experience came three years of teaching at local studios until her attendance at Stetson. She admits she has a passion for dance and missed doing it, hence her teaching it at the Hollis Center. After approaching the Hollis Center manager, Jessica Starke, about the idea, Strauss did trial classes last semester of ballet, jazz, and lyrical classes. Since most people showed up to the jazz class and surveys stated that students wanted a workout incorporated into dance, Strauss stuck with jazz. Yet, she states that she is open to suggestions and willing to listen to other ideas.

Although it is apparent that she has a passion for dance, Strauss says it’s not required for the class. “You don’t have to have a passion for dance to come – you just have to have an interest,” says Strauss. “People can feel comfortable coming to this class…Don’t be intimidated by it [dance]…I’m here to help you learn.”

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