ACLU is made successfully for the first time ever on campus

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been successfully made for the first time on Stetson Campus. ACLU was started after OSAPE (cant find what the acronym stands for- just emailed my source again) dissolved off campus. Chelsea Whalley, the president of the club, credits most of the success of the club to Mr. Griffin and the Volusia/ Flagler Chapter of ACLU. “[ACLU] plans to bring awareness to campus about individual rights and highlight key topics that are extremely relevant and prevalent in the contemporary American society. For example, last night [February 22? Asked her again too] we hosted a discussion on Internet Privacy Rights” said Whalley. When asked what ACLU’s duties are, Whalley replied that ALCU protects the liberties of individuals that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

This can clearly be seen by the key issues that are listed on ACLU’s Facebook page. These issues are prisoner’s rights, LGBT rights, human rights, religion and belief, reproductive freedom, capital punishment, drug law reform, free speech, technology and liberty, women’s rights, National Security, voting Rights, immigrants rights and HIV/AIDS.

ACLU is not only at Stetson, but is nation wide as well. In fact, there is over 17,600 members and supporters in Florida alone. Regarding those nationwide who support ALCU, there are over 400,000 followers. ACLU is non-profit and non-partisan and, as stated on the fan page on Facebook, is made to “defend freedom, liberty, equality and justice for all within the United States”. It is also written that ACLU’S positions often set a standard and occasionally cause controversy due to the fact that it is complicated to defend and safeguard minorities’ rights in society.

Overall, ACLU  sounds like an organization with good intentions to protect students and those nation wide through the constitution. If you want to join this cause, clear your schedule for meetings Monday nights  at 7:00 in the Tri-C.


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