Guest speaker for AMA makes positive impact

An executive for Universal Studios impressed members of the American Marketing Association with his methods of acquiring consumers’ opinions.

Mark Kupferman, the senior director of consumer insights for Universal Studios, discussed different types of research for getting consumers’ opinions as well as both pros and cons that come with each research method.
Some members of the audience found the speaker to be a positive impact. Samantha Spiliadis, the president of AMA, said, “As far as a turnout, we were pretty successful. It is only successful to us if people found it interesting and gained something out of it.”

Vice President James Araujo agreed. “We had a good turnout; the guest speaker presented the information in a comprehensible way, the participants asked many questions on the Q/A segment and the participants were talking about the event in the days that followed the event,” he said.

Kupferman shared this knowledge with AMA as a guest speaker on Tuesday, October 5 and was recruited at an AMA nationals luncheon in Spring 2010.

Guest speakers are not a rarity for those in AMA.  “We have a guest speaker come in about once a month to teach students about different jobs within marketing” said Amanda Meyer, vice president of advertisements and promotions for AMA.

AMA meetings occur every Tuesday in the Rinker House Auditorium at 7.

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