Christopher Kandus Fisher Made New Dean of Students

Christopher Kandus-Fisher has quite the resume. After having past occupations of Assistant Director for Student Programs and Coordinator of Greek Affairs at the University of Akron, Director of Campus Life  and Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership at Babson College, and lastly Assistant Dean, Campus Life at Babson College, he is now Dean of Students for Stetson University. With aspiring yet also reasonable objectives, Kandus-Fisher seems to have a steady head on his shoulders as well as a “go get em” attitude that will surely benefit any university. (OR “as well as a “go get em” attitude that any university would be lucky to have”)

It is apparent that Kandus-Fisher truly embraces the “students” segment of his title “Dean of Students”. When asked what he wants to do with his new position, he replied, “First and foremost, I am still trying to meet as many students as I can. I will be setting up some events with the help of SGA President and Vice President when the student return for the Spring Semester that will hopefully allow me to meet and get to know more of the student body. After I get a sense of the needs and priorities from the students, then I can develop goals to achieve them.”
Need I say more? It also helps to know that Kandus-Fisher is “all about being efficient and maximizing our time”. Although he admits that changes wont occur right away, Kandus-Fisher said that he is “most interested” in ideas from the student body (shocker, huh?).

If this isn’t enough to convince you of Kandus-Fisher’s credibility, perhaps the qualifications required to obtain his position will persuade you. One must have experience in numerous sections of student affairs, including Residential Life, Student Act. (I assume this is abbreviated for Activities??), Wellness and Recreation, Judicial Affairs, Health Services, Counseling  Services, Spiritual Life, Community Service, Diversity Programs and Crisis Management. Along with these qualifications, one also needs a strategic approach to higher education, strong communication skills, a  Masters degree and at least ten years of experience in the field.

Yet, even with all the skills and high aspirations, only time can truly tell if Kandus-Fisher is qualified for the position.  And that time is now.

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