Breakers remain undefeated after game on Monday

The Breakers remain undefeated in intramural flag football after defeating Alpha Xi Delta 19-6 on Monday, October 18 at 7:30 p.m.

The first touchdown in the first half was scored by Reatha Johnson, making the score 6-0 in the Breakers favor.

In the second half, Leigha Corso on the Breakers scored the second touchdown while Reatha Johnson, also on the Breakers, scored the third. To earn the extra point for the touchdown, Corso ran the ball, making the final score 19-6.

Raegan Gillette, quarterback, scored the only touchdown for Alpha Xi Delta in the second half. Gillette also made first down in the second quarter.

The receiver for the Breakers, Corso, said that she feels “great” about being undefeated. When asked who or what she credits their success to, she replied, “We don’t have any coaches, we just have a really talented team. We don’t even practice!”

However, that tactic does not work for all teams. On ways that their team could be improved, Marianne Boschert, who plays rush and wide receiver for Alpha Xi Delta, replied, “We definitely need to practice more (chuckles). The first half of the game, we weren’t strong defensively, but [in] the second half, we played well.”

Surprisingly, Corso felt that the Breakers could have improved on some things in the game. “Usually we’re stronger defensively…I would have liked for a few more interceptions…we were actually a bit weaker in this game,” said Corso.

Regarding additional thoughts about the game, Corso said, “It was a lot of fun…both teams played hard.”

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