New Times Internship Day #14: Monday, June 28, 2010. Worked 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

Today was a very routine day. I found more pictures for the website and realized that I was three-quarters of the way done. At four o’clock, I attended the weekly copy meeting with other members of the staff. Here, everyone discussed their weekly ideas about blogs and stories. Also, a few of the staff members discussed a problem that had been occurring with the photos that were being posted online. Some photos were too small, and had to be stretched out to fit on the page. Yet, this makes the photo blurry. Some photos are too large and take up too much space. Part of this problem could be perhaps accredited to corporate who insists that photos must be a certain size and are arguing about what methods will attract viewers. Some state that larger pictures will attract viewers while others want less word count. The staff has not come to a conclusion for this conflict but Devin will speak to corporate later this week. Today I also learned about the program “Movable Type” which puts the material for the blogs online. One thing I learned about this program is that it only asks for the width (it must be 200 width) of pictures because it automatically puts in the height by itself. Overall, today was filled with work yet was enjoyable.

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