New Times Internship Day #13: Friday, June 25, 2010. Worked 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

Today was another quiet day. Very few people came in and I continued to look for pictures for stories featured on the blog that did not have images. I also receive two more stories from Dedra to edit in the format on OpenOffice.orgWriter. Yesterday, all the stories I formatted were stories involving food that are featured in the “Small Plates” section. Today, I formatted a story that was about the Mango festival in the News section. I also formatted a longer story in the news section about the John Goodman car crash (the multimillionaire polo mogul, not the actor) that was very long. I was a bit worried because the stories I was trying to format were not looking like they were supposed to, but Dedra assured me that although the stories did not show up on my computer, they will format correctly on other computers. I also learned that stories have different fonts for each section they are placed in (ex. the food section has a different font than the news section). However, the fonts all look the same to me. Overall, today was also quiet yet productive.

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