New Times Internship Day #11: Wednesday, June 23, 2010. Worked 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

Today was a rather routine day. I received a new project for the week which requires me to look for pictures online for story items that do not have a picture. For example, there are numerous stories on the event Hard Rock Live (where music artists and comedians perform at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino) but there are no pictures for these stories. So, I had to search to find pictures and make sure that there were no copyright issues with the pictures I wanted. I also corrected the punctuation with the slideshow and turned all the exclamation marks into periods because Eric is “not a fan of using them, except when someone’s actually yelling”. On the other hand, Devin felt that exclamation marks were necessary because they looked enthusiastic. I then learned how different Devin and Eric think and feel about the aesthetics about projects. It just goes to show you how different people work together. Overall, today was full of work but at the same time was not too overbearing.

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