New Times Internship Day #6: Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Worked 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

Today was an interesting day. I sent all the pictures I found for the “Best Of” project I was working on to Eric, my internship supervisor, and received a new project. This time, I am to go to the place where the pilots from Spirit Airlines are protesting due to lower wages and a requested contract that had not been made for about three years.  I am assigned to ask the strikers questions tomorrow as well as take pictures. So, today I looked up contact information for Spirit Airlines and the Spirit Airline Union. It took a long time, but I finally found all the numbers I needed. I also prepared “softball” questions to ask, which Eric explained are easy questions asked that the interviewees elaborate on. For example, a softball question for the strikers could be “Why are you guys out here today?” Overall, today was very stressful but rewarding when I accomplished what had to be done. It was also exciting to be assigned to a new project.

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