WLRN Internship Day #14: Tuesday, June 1, 2010. Worked 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Today was a rather relaxing day. The work I was assigned to do was rather easy and thankfully did not involve strenuous hours on the computer. Mia assigned me to find background information on a singer named Wendy Pedersen. This is because Wendy is expected to come to the studio on July 15. While conducting my research, I found various websites that provided information. One website even provided a list of songs from her new album that one could listen to. Mia and I also went over the time codes I did for the Martin Luther King Jr. tapes. By doing this, I learned more information about the controversial history (although they didn’t all concern King) that were shown on the tapes. For instance, one controversial incident was when a black man was shot dead by a white police officer because he was “coming toward” him and the police officer felt threatened. Needless to say, the officer was found innocent. Overall, today involved minimal research and work and was therefore a bit dull. However, I did aid Mia in mailing two packages.

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