WLRN Internship Day #12: Wednesday, May 26, 2010. Worked 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Today I came into the office early in order to go with Mia and two members of the production crew to the South Florida Black Archive Center to see pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr. for the program on him. We also went to see if we could find more information on him as well. We packed up camera equipment and drove over in our van. The woman who answered the door to the building looked a bit perplexed due to the fact that she and Mia had a miscommunication – the woman thought that Mia and I were the only ones that were going to be there without equipment although Mia informed her that she was bringing others along with a camera. Unfortunately, due to this miscommunication, we only were able to look at numerous articles and very few photographs. The majority of the photographs we did see, however, could not be used due to copyright issues. We left after doing more research (we wrote down names of those who we thought might have had contact with King) and went back to the office. At the office, I formatted a web budget for the Weird Florida website and was surprised to find that websites cost money to make. I assumed that making them was free! I also mailed a few packages for Mia. Although the archive portion of the day was a bit disappointing, Mia and I felt a small sense of hope regarding the new names that we found that could have connections to King.

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