The Art of Kissing – written fall 2009

Kissing has always been an interesting and somewhat taboo topic of conversation. The person involved, the location, the technique, and the length of the kiss makes making out an even more intriguing subject. William Cane, the author of How to Kiss and The Art of Kissing Book of Questions and Answers, delved further into this topic through his Art of Kissing lecture that took place Wednesday in Elizabeth Hall through live demonstration complete with pictures. The participants who acted out the various kisses and techniques were six couples from Stetson, among them including Emilie Pitts, Nick Kenyan, and Arthur Marques. Cane had the volunteers demonstrate kisses such as the Upside Down Vacuum Kiss, the Sliding Kiss, and the Music Kiss. Props and a bit of role playing was intertwined with the presentation that brought howls of laughter and dropped jaws from the audience members. One “kissing fantasy” that consisted of role playing included the men dressing as dentists and kissing the women upside down, who then tackled the men to the floor and mounted them, still kissing. The men also acted as professors and kissed the women “student” while assisting with an assignment. Students thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. “I thought it was informative, hysterical, and entertaining,” states a sophomore physiology major. Jessica Bianco, a sophomore music major agrees. “I thought it was fun. I’m pretty sure everyone went home and kissed after.”
This may sound like a raunchy sex-driven performance, but do not be misled – in his pictures, Cane provided statistics and graphs. For instance, Cane stated that women like ear kisses twice as much as men, and provided a pie chart stating the percentages of whether or not men like the taste of lipstick. He also showed a bar graph showing which type of kisses men and women like more. Along with the visuals, Cane read quotes from his book and asked the audience what type of kissing they preferred. Cane has written four books on this topic and has written for newspapers and magazines including Seventeen and Woman’s Day. He also attended Boston College Law School and in 1986, briefly practiced law. He has a Master of Arts degree in English from Boston University.

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