New Times Internship Day #2: Tuesday, June 8, 2010. Worked 10:00 am-3:00 pm.

Today was a very stressful day. I was expected to finish up the timeline I was assigned yesterday for Scott Rothstein and had to leave two hours earlier than usual due to the fact that my younger sister was graduating high school. Because I stayed up most of last night taking out the parts of the articles that included dates, all I had to do was put the information into timeline form. This was tedious for two reasons. One reason was due to the fact that I was not accustomed to the computer program that was set up for me. Another reason was because I had twelve pages packed with information, and it was quite lengthy. Despite these obstacles, I completed my task. Eric emailed me and said that I did great, but needed to double check my work next time because I had a few grammatical errors. Thus, I learned to extract time out of my day to edit more and I also learned more about the computer program I was working with. Overall, today was stressful yet fulfilling when I completed everything.

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