How to make your spring break a break to remember – written in spring 2009

For many years, spring break has created a haven for students of all ages to relax, forget about homework, stay up late and sleep in. Yet for us college kids, spring break gives us the freedom to travel to new places and meet all kinds of people. In my humble opinion, Florida has numerous locations to satisfy the thrill seeker, beach bum, club hopper, and history buff in everyone.
Do you like the feeling of complete inhibition and adrenaline? If so, theme parks will fulfill your every need. With extreme heights and fast speeds, Island of Adventure (Orlando) and Bush Gardens (Tampa) is clearly the way to go. To cool off, try water parks such as Adventure Island (Tampa), Blizzard Beach (located in Disney World in Orlando), Wet and Wild (Orlando), and Daytona Lagoon (Daytona). The rapid speed of the slides and the refreshing water is the remedy for a scorching hot day.
If relaxing is what you aim to do this break, try hitting up the numerous beaches that are scattered throughout Florida. Hollywood Beach and New Smyrna Beach are relaxing tourist attractions that provide great places to eat and souvenirs for you or loved ones. For skim boarding, try hitting up Dania Beach and Daytona Beach where the waves are flat, making it perfect for catching extra distance on your board. As for beautiful beaches that come equipped with delicious restaurants and a wild nightlife, visit Fort Lauderdale Beach, South Beach, and Miami Beach.
Clubbing and city life has become all the rage among teens in Florida. Such hotspots to visit are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. For ages eighteen and up, Miami and Orlando will give you a fun night of bumping music and dancing with clubs such as Nocturnal (Miami), Space (Miami), Roxie (Orlando), and Tabu (Orlando). For ages twenty one and up, travel to downtown Fort Lauderdale at Riverwalk to drink and dance the night away at such bars like Automatic Slims and Art Bar. The Hard Rock (Tampa and Hollywood), although a bit pricey, is another fun place to bar hop and dance with places such as Passion and Murphy’s Law. Gambling and lavish hotels are also available.
If you’re a true history buff, take a look on for a full list of historic sites to visit. Not only will you find educational places to travel, but will also learn a few things as well. For instance, did you know that St. Augustine is the “oldest continually occupied city” in the United States and was founded in 1565? Kill two birds with one stone by educating yourself and enjoying beautiful scenery as well.
After you figured out where you want to go, it is time to plan out how to get there. not only provides discounts for traveling, but cheaper alternatives for hotels and vacation spots. Look up websites for clubs for information on location, prices, and descriptions (For example, will give you the exact address of the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood as well as fun places to hit up). To save money, try traveling with friends and splitting gas money. If you know someone who lives in the area you are traveling to, try asking them if you can stay for a few days. Hell, now that you know numerous locations to vacation, you can repay them by showing them a good time.

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