Bar-B-Que, Music, and Charity – Oh My! Written in Spring 2009

Delicious food, catchy music, and a guy in a hot dog suit – what more can one ask for? Perhaps for the money of the aforementioned to go towards a charity. Thanks to Phi Sig’s fundraising bar-b-que that took place Sunday, March 15 from 1-3 am at the Rinker Field House, they did just that. Habitat for Humanity received $700 in donations. Admission fee was $3 for prepaid tickets and $5 at the door for unlimited food, a chance to dance, and an opportunity to participate in a hot dog eating contest.
On the menu was hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, pulled pork, and sliced pork along with a great variety of chips. Refreshments included soda and water. Regarding the music, it seemed as though someone borrowed a playlist from Halftimes – hip hop hits and dance music blared from the speakers. In fact, the bar-b-que transformed from a sit down social scene to a dance party as soon as AJ Smith led everybody in the Electric Slide to John Legend’s “Green Light”. Tiffany Shaffer, Samantha Stonish, and Samantha Freeman (all freshman) agreed it was the highlight of the night. However, some thought the hot dog eating contest that occurred at 2 am was. As Abby Smith, freshman, put it, “It was a lot of fun and entertaining.” Among the participants in the contest was Abby Smith herself, Jillian Gamelin (freshman), Austin, Nick, and Tommy Davis (a freshman and a Phi Sig). Tommy Davis was the winner of the contest with a total of 6 hot dogs. Davis stated that the contest was his favorite part of the night. Go figure.
Overall, the night was a success. People not only had the opportunity to hang out with friends and eat a large abundance of food, but to donate money towards a good cause. Jill Gamelin’s statement regarding the night sums up everything: “The barbeque was a fun filled event packed with surprises, entertainment, and great food! It was definitely worth the money, and the money went to a great cause!” Let’s hope that future fundraising events are as successful or even more so than this one.

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