The most “blazing” concert ever: Afroman – Written fall 2008

“Colt 45 and 2 zigzags, baby that’s all we need!” Thus sang Afroman, donned in a spiffy blue suit, large gold chain, and of course, the infamous afro. The crowd, which consisted mostly of very inebriated teens, swarmed around the famous artist and belted out lyrics that cause even the sluttiest person to blush. But hey, raunchy lyrics are what gained Afroman his fame.
Before the foul-mouthed rapper approached the stage, an opening act by the name of “White Line” performed. The music style was a mix of Bob Marley and Sublime. The lyrics and words were a bit incoherent, yet the reggae beats were appealing. Songs like “Need Some Love” and “Pass Round Girl” had the crowd bobbing their heads and even singing to the lyrics. Some audience members cooed at the main singer’s son who performed. His name was Junior Ryan, and he seemed to be about nine years old.
After a long anticipated wait, Afroman finally made his appearance. Singing suddenly erupted, and the crowd went into a sudden hush as they quickly scanned the area to find who they came for. Afroman, aka Joseph Foreman ((, strutted onto the stage with a microphone in one hand and a bottle of Colt 45 in the other. Fans rushed the stage area, attempting to get as close as they can to the immensely stoned singer. With his marijuana decorated guitar, Afroman kicked off the show by singing “Let’s all get drunk tonight”. Apparently, one of the audience members took his message to heart as she passed out in the front row. However, she was safely escorted by two males who attended the concert with her. Afroman proceeded with his own remix of “My humps” (originally sang by Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas), and made the audience go into a frenzy with “She wont let me fuck.” However, it was his last two songs, “Because I got high” and “Colt 45” that really made the crowd go wild with singing and dancing. Throughout all his other previous songs, lucky fans took a swig out of his bottle of Colt 45, or had the privilege of letting him take a hit from their blunts.
After the concert, fans took pictures with Afroman and even got the opportunity to smoke with him. Although I didn’t smoke that night (I never do), I had the opportunity to take a picture with him and interview him as well. Here’s what he had to say:
Me: “Who is your favorite artist?”
Afroman (looking as if in deep thought): “Hmmm. That’s a broad question. I like, I like WAY too many. Put down ‘Too Short’.”
Me: “What is your favorite song that you wrote yourself?”
Afroman: “I have to say it’s my most famous one: Colt 45.” [audience starts to sing]
Me: “What are the disadvantages of being an artist [ex long road trips away from family]?”
Afroman: “The entire equation.”
Me: “What are the advantages of being an artist?”
Afroman [takes a hit from his blunt]: “I won’t tell the colonel’s recipe. I won’t flood the marketplace with Busters.”
Me: “Do you have any words of wisdom or words to live by?”
Afroman: “Figure out a way to enjoy every millisecond of your life.”
Amen, Afroman, Amen.

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